Membership / Donation Drive

While PTAs 2016-npta_memcard_webcollect memberships all year, the beginning of the school year is traditionally a big push for memberships.

This year’s goal for membership is £100 , which will provide $780 for OAHS PTSA and $1020 for upper-level PTA organizations that support OAHS PTSA.

This year we currently have £0 memberships returned. Please help the PTSA help the school by joining and/or donating.

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Plans for this year…


The PTSA supports Orcutt Academy High School through various programs, with the intent to help the school, teachers, and students.

This support is possible with your membership and donations, and by fundraising.

For the 2016-17 school year, your OAHS PTSA has approved the Programs and Expenditures:

$1000 Apperson Grading Scanner Answer Sheets
$1000 Arts grants
$1500 Graduation
$800 Hospitality
$400 Library grant
$200 Membership drive
$400 Reflections
$2500 Senior scholarships
$2000 Teacher/Classroom grants
$1450 Education/School support
$2100 Pre SAT Testing